Crown Financial Ministries and Foundations for Farming have combined forces with their proven methodologies to serve those dependent upon the land by empowering the people to be the best farmers in the world, to learn to operate as a God designed family and to faithfully steward their local resources.

We train farmers to steward both their land and the harvest from the land. We do this by teaching agricultural skills which bring about a substantial increase in crop yields and by financial training to manage the increase in resources. We also include a training component by Family Impact to strengthen the family unit. All three components are vital to bringing an end to hunger, dependency and poverty.


The Vision

We envision a world where the least of these are filled with the hope of Christ and able to free themselves from chronic hunger, outside dependency and the grinding despair of poverty.

“For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat,…’
– Matthew 25:34

The Mission

Our mandate is to empower those who are dependent on the land with the best agricultural skills, family skills and stewardship training to faithfully use their local resources.

Our mission is achieved when we see families united, working together to increase crop yields, make a profit on their labors and manage their income and resources to escape hunger, dependency and poverty.

I WAS HUNGRY programs are built upon our core beliefs

Poverty comes from within

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Stewardship of All

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not Tell.

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Personal Responsibility is Essential

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of Faithfulness

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Godly Character
is Key

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over Quantity

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The I Was Hungry initiative is made possible through the partnership of Crown Financial Ministries and Foundations for Farming and managed by Crown. Crown is a 501c3 organization and a member of ECFA. Foundations for Farming is a not-for-profit Trust organization organized under the laws of Zimbabwe.

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