What We Do

Together Crown Financial Ministries and Foundations for Farming have developed a comprehensive approach to equip a farmer in the
Three biggest areas of need to escape generational poverty:


stewarding the land to increase crop yield while protecting the environment


stewarding relationships to create a strong family unit


stewarding the crop yield to manage personal income

We have sought God for a solution to help the poor be the world’s best farmers – He has supplied us with a method that works. It is often referred to as “Conservation Agriculture” but it’s much more than that …

How It’s Done

Core Farming Methods:

No plowing – minimal soil disturbance

No burning – mulch cover

Crop Rotations

High Standards of Management

Profitability is possible if you faithfully apply these management principles of doing everything:

On Time.

Plan ahead. Prepare well. Start early. Never be late!

At a High Standard.

Do every step as well as you can with no shortcuts. Be honest and honorable in all you do.

Without Waste.

Don’t waste time, soil, water, sunlight, seed, nutrients, labor, energy, or opportunity.

With Joy.

If you do these things faithfully with thankfulness, there will be no need for fear and hopelessness and you will have hope and joy which gives you strength.

And it’s scalable!

The Foundations for Farming principles can be applied in the smallest back yard garden to the largest commercial farm. On a small scale all work is manual and requires nothing more technical than a hoe.


Typically, a farmer will be able to grow sufficient food to:

Feed their family annually

Sell surplus to make a profit to cover next year’s seed and living expenses

Give generously to others

A farmer capable of spreading the knowledge, skills and hope they have received to actually end hunger, dependency and poverty in their village, multiplying into neighboring communities.

The Outcomes

Sustainable farming with increased local yields

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of women

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the poor

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Character development

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Stewardship of resources

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Financial Stewardship

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Stronger Families

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