Elton’s Story

EltonI was born in a family of 4 and I am the eldest. In the past, I was living in dark since my teenage years. I used to go to church but then I started going to the pubs, drinking beer, smoking, committing adultery, stealing, cheating, all sorts of bad things. It was because I was living in the dark.

One day a fire gutted our village and destroyed everything and left us hopeless. Many charity organizations helped. I came to Foundations for Farming not willingly. I did not know that what I was going to learn was going to transform me. The rules of this place embarrassed me but I had to adhere to them. When I came here I was carrying my cigarettes and alcohol but after two days I quite because of the rules. It was the rules that touched me and had driven me to stop.  Then I was given a Bible and I started to realize all the things I had done when I was a teenager. I was a drunkard, a smoker, a liar, short tempered, selfish and a lot more which I did not say out loud. Light came into my heart and I was able to stop smoking and drinking within a short time. I received Jesus as my personal Saviour. I also learned the greatness of God and concluded that He has power over everything and we can do nothing without his grace. The word of God is teaching me to have love and faith. I know that God has given me a task to do since the day I came to Foundations for Farming. I changed there, I repented, and was baptized there.

Then I went back to my community and at first things were tough. I faced huge challenges but I managed to overcome them through prayer. The friends I used to smoke and drink with were inviting me with huge parcels of cigarettes and alcohol but I stuck to the word of God. I tuck it in my heart each and every time. Now, my old friends do not want to play with me anymore because my life was completely changed during the training.My relationships with my relatives have been restored. I did not have time with my wife but things changed when I went back, and I have changed as a father. I am now reading the bible praying every day to God which I was not used to doing.

I learned about farming when I was at Foundations for Farming. I went home and I implemented what I learned and managed to make about 8 field plots with my young brother and my wife. God has given me strength to do that. Today it amazes me for doing such a huge job. And now I have managed to get enough food to feed my family and surplus for another 6 families. I used to work for people who could not pay me. After the training we had at Foundations for Farming, people are now paying me. So I was Hungry but now I’m fed, I’m now enough! But there is something which I am wondering about my life. My soul is hungry I need to feed my soul.  Is anyone else who is able to feed my soul? Please, raise your hand I want to be fed. I want to share with my people the word of God forever until eternity comes.

Elton teaching others in his fields

Elton teaching others in his fields


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