God’s Touch on Kanyaga

Makesure Majenje is quite an amazing man. Leaving behind a worldly past of alcohol, women, illegal gold panning and more – he gave his life to Jesus. It was 1999 when he began the life-changing journey as Jesus took him to Zambia and Malawi for several years, before bringing him home to Zimbabwe in 2005. That was when he became involved with FfF and learned how to farm – God’s way. He began training others, and has since established a training school in his community of Kanyaga. Furthermore, Jesus has used Makesure’s heart and hands reach to out and help many other lives. Most recently he came to Clouds End as part of an eager group of thirty villagers from Kanyaga to complete the IWH course.

Amongst God’s chosen and diverse assortment was the village drunkard, struggling single mothers, widows, grandmothers, grown up orphans, men who were supporting huge and extended families, a prostitute, and a young woman who single-handedly takes care of her own children, as well her dead sister’s six. Once again, He had hand selected broken lives, with heart rendering stories. As the team taught, walked alongside, laughed, prayed with, listened to and ate with these special people, they were reminded of the honor it is to follow the Master through this world, touching the lives of His precious poor and downtrodden.

Throughout the course everyone grasped the teaching with great gusto – they learned how to farm using God’s simple tools, and came to understand why Makesure is so passionate about them. Moreover, why he is so passionate about God! They gained hope and encouragement in seeing how it’s possible to feed their families and make a profit – as well as how to budget that profit. They gained new perspective on family life, and how family are God’s blessing, not burden. Above all, they heard the gospel, and many reached out to the loving nail scarred hands to embrace Jesus for the first time. Including Wislam, the village drunk … who waded into the grace of the cross to emerge new, cleansed and celebrating! He couldn’t wait to get back and share the gospel with his old drinking buddies – so please pray for Wislam – that he will grow in faith to become a shining light to others still caught in the clutches of alcohol.

Petros is just twenty-two. He’s one of the young people Makesure took under his wing and mentored. Petros gave his life to Jesus. Then there was Tawanda, whose face broke into a beaming white smile as he described Makesure helping him to get through secondary school. Tawanda was only a few years old when his father died, but during the training he came to know his eternal, heavenly Father.

Those who accepted Jesus chose also to symbolically die to sin and rise in Christ through baptism, including Makesure who although born again all those years ago, had never been baptised and was excited to finally do so in obedient profession of his faith.

Again, God worked amazingly in people’s hearts as He brought them to Clouds End to love them, give them hope, transform lives, and reveal their preciousness in His sight. We give him all the glory. What a privilege to be instrumental in His work! Won’t you join us in the honor of praying for these precious souls? Prayer with its universal and eternal dimensions is limitless – your prayers will change their lives!

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