IWH Buhera

“I’ve had a bible my whole life, but never read it.”

All this changed for one young man during our recent training with a community from Buhera. And the Bible continues to transform the minds and hearts of our trainees.

A widow comically shared on how she didn’t go to church on Sunday. No, that was the day that she did her laundry. But after her husband had passed she was befriended by a lady who started to teach her how to farm. And now here she was at the end of her transformative two week IWH training. She confessed that on the first day when she was handed a Bible, her first thought was to sell it. But now – it is her most treasured possession and she returns home eager to surprise everyone with her new found faith.

The “Buhera family” loved to sing. As one lady testified, “It is our culture.”

And they truly had a song for everything, from the compost training to the trainers and camera footage. And their eagerness poured into all that they did and learned. Fascinated by the synchronization between crops and trees and excited to find out that they could do much with little was truly revolutionary for them. After harvesting as little as 2 bags of maize from 3-4 hectares, was it really possible to harvest 10 bags off only 1/16 hectare? They wanted to find out! Leaving us as a more united family, they go back to the villages and intend to do demonstrations plots and compare the results.

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