My Son Has Changed!

Mike Manota oversees the most recent ‘I Was Hungry’ group of trainees and shared news of his latest visit to Hatcliff.  Our team watched his face glow as he spoke, looking a little like a teacher with straight A students!

But with Mike it goes way further than the practical. A deeply spiritual man, his focus is always on Jesus, and the evidence of heart change. That is what excites him most, and this mixed bag of unlikely candidates have not disappointed him.

During the course here at Clouds End Mike and the team had had their hands full with the louder-than-life, unruly, challenging (to say the least) bunch of youth from Hatcliff.   Plus God had chosen to interweave them with some older, inwardly bleeding and heartbroken folk who had been ripped from their long term homes and resettled in Hatcliff.  What a combination.

But God.

Of the youth, Mike beamingly reported, parents could not be more pleased. Transformation! Over and over the feedback was the same “Our son’s behaviour is so different – he even wants to plant in our field!” … “Please keep visiting our boy and encouraging him, he’s changed so much.” … “Thank you to Foundations for Farming for giving our son a bible, and a new attitude.” Each parent opened their home to Mike, and were eager to pray with him – during which time he was able to direct all thanks to the One to Whom it belonged. “Thank YOU Jesus, for what You’re doing in the lives of these young people.”

Young Samuel has built a garden with the help of his father, who had learned from FfF some years back at the Westgate Station. What a joy for this father and son, to be working on something together, sharing, laughing, communicating and building a relationship in between growing veggies. Thank You Lord!

The teaching learned at Clouds End is multiplying – the group have been sharing their newfound knowledge and the Chairlady of the Hatcliff Community has also become involved. She is working together with Thomas, and between them they too have developed a veggie plot.

Mike was encouraged by the unity that has developed within the group. Despite the diversity of age and background history, they have remained connected and many are attending churches in the area.

And so we watch, with anticipation, to see God’s plan and purpose unfold over the coming months. Pray with us as we hold this little community up to the Throne of Grace.

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