Transformation of Heart and Ground

Duncan and Eddie arrived back full of enthusiasm after visiting the Tazvita community this week. Their maize is already looking wonderful with healthy plants shooting abundantly from well nurtured plots – and if blessed with rain – should result in a good harvest! The rains have come late to Zimbabwe this year, and the temperatures have been scorching, yet God’s favour seems to be resting onto this little community who are so keen to farm according to His methods. Some of the fields are slightly scarce on mulch due to the fire that swept through and burned what had been collected in the very beginning. However, they are still well tended, and the little mulch that was collected has been faithfully applied. Andrew, an enterprising one legged man, actually scouted around gathering everything he could lay his hands on, enabling him to cover the ground with an excellent thick blanket of mulch between plants.

Those who had attended the course were filled with the same joy and enthusiasm displayed at Clouds End, but what impacted Duncan and Eddie the most were the testimonies from the rest of the community. It is not the norm in African culture for a wife to speak out about her husband in the presence of others, yet several wives boldly (and cheerfully!) described the huge change in their husbands compared to previous behaviour. Neighbours also testified to seeing a genuine transformation. It is one thing when a man speaks of change in his life, but another when his family and friends speak out in heart-felt evidence of it.

Pastor preaching

Pastor preaching

The two weeks at Clouds End had not only imparted knowledge about farming and finance, it had changed their perspective of family, and the results were plain to see. Those who had arrived knowing Jesus, left in a deeper relationship with Him. Several others who had not known Him, left having fallen in love with this Man called The Christ. Over the next year Duncan will walk alongside them advising and encouraging on farming methods, but the need for spiritual input is vital.

Pastor Makoni Goredema is a highly respected church leader in Chivhu, but more than that, he is a dedicated servant of God with a heart for people. Foundations for Farming invited him to visit the Tazvita community, which he did with Duncan and Eddie. Preaching from under a tree, just as our humble King so often did where people would gather to listen, Pastor Goredema was warmly received and has undertaken to shepherd them.

Already this community of physically challenged people are having an impact on the lives of others. Duncan has been visiting them for several months, and the eagerness with which they have followed the methods taught has produced results. Despite all odds, the allocated stretch of dry scrub and virgin land they live on is slowly, but surely, transforming into carefully prepared plots of sprouting green. As a result, figures in authority such as the local Chief, the District Administrator, his Personal Assistant, an official from the President’s office, and members of the Police have each been inspired to develop Pfumvudza plots (a section of land using God’s farming methods) of their own. Could this quiet little miracle signal the first rays of light in which God plans to make the Tazvita folk shine for Him? Time will tell. Despite such keen interest from other parts of Africa over the years, the custodians of Zimbabwean agriculture have remained somewhat indifferent to the merits of this technology. Decades ago, when God revealed to Brian Oldreive His simple farming methods arising from the master blue print of creation, Brian was sharply aware that it was for the benefit of the poor. This was obviously due to God’s compassion, but also in His infinite wisdom, He knew that those whom the world calls ‘poor’, ‘weak’ and ‘foolish’ would be used to confound the supposedly rich, strong and wise. He works from the bottom up, and at Tazvita we are seeing it happen. A group of men and women with wheelchairs, crutches, and white sticks are catching the attention of the people around them, including those in seats of influence. To God be all the glory.

Andrew and wife

Andrew and his wife

open prayer

Open Prayer






“But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty…” 1 Corinthians 1:27


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